Wrap tying courses

The courses can be at your home of course.




Monika Smětalová (Benesov, Prague and surroundings)

Monika Smětalová - wrap tying lecturer

I am a mother of two babyweared kids, which of the younger is weared since her birth. I graduated the babywearing lector course from Anna Pohoralkova. More then one year I am activelly involved in babywearing support and educating myself about babywearing. I can help you to choose the appropriate wrap, teach you front carries, back carries or even tandem carries.


I offer individual courses in Prague and surroundings. I'm happy to visit you at your place and I can also lend you a wrap.


tel. +420 725 22 80 80

e-mail: monika@satkomanie.cz


Lucie Ernstová (Beroun and surroundings, Praha and surroundings, Hořovice, Rokycany)

Lucie Ernestová - lektorka kurzů vázání šátků

I am a mother of three amazing kids, the oldest one was worn and now I am wearing my twins. I am a long-term propagator and lectourer of attachment parenting (babywearing and wrap tying, healthy diapers changing, diaper-less method, healthy food and BLW). I graduated a babywearing lecturer course and I provide individual and group courses since 2013.

I can teach you how to wrap twins and also how to wrap kids of different ages, frontal, side and back ties. It is possible to attend my courses during pregnancy, with a new born baby or even with older babies. I can help you to choose a wrap and suitable babywearing clothing and provide you lots of personal experience. I am babywearing since 2012.

My courses are placed at my home (near Horovice where is my course room), or at your home, or also group courses in various maternity centers etc. Do not hesitate to contact me.


tel. +420 724 663 586

e-mail: lucie@satkomanie.cz


Sára Hofmanová (Prague and surroundings)

Lektorka Sára Hofmanová - wrap tying lecturer

Mother of two great girls. She really enjoys babywearing because it helps her in many ways. Therefore she decided to support babywearing and attachment parenting of other parents.

She finished the babywearing lector and babywearing advanced courses. She carries mostly in wraps, but she uses carrier as well.

She offers individual and group courses. Group courses are typically for four persons. Courses are available in Czech, English and German languages.


tel. +420 733 513 732

e-mail: sara@satkomanie.cz


Iva Gondeková (Prague)

Iva Gondeková - wrap tying lecturer

In the German babywearing school Die Trageschule® I attended the foundation and the advanced course, in 2012 I got a babywearing lectorer's certificate and I started providing professional babywearing courses. I regularly visit babywearing conferences and workshops in Dresden and Vienna. I keep in touch with modern knowledge in physiotherapy, orthopedics, neurology and other medical fields; also with other consultants. I also graduated the basic course of the concept "Kinestetics in education" (Kinaesthetics in Erziehung) with Sabine Hartz in Hamburg, Germany.

On this base I competently lead parents and other nurturing persons also in unique babywearing situations - such as premature birth, disabled, illness. 

I personally like creative worldview and believe that sensitive communication can bring up the hidden in us, therefore in babywearing I offer individual support for connecting your own parenting intuition.

During this year I'd like to attend the babywearing lectorer course. At this moment I am happy to pass on all I know about babywearing and help you with your first steps.

tel. +420 737 143 021

e-mail: iva.g@satkomanie.cz


Pavla Koppová (Mariánské lázně and surroundings)

Pavla Koppová - wrap tying lecturer

I'm a physiotherapist, graduated from the Vyšší odborná škola of Dr. I. Mauritzová in Pilsen and the Third Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague. I'm involved in Medical rehabilitation and physiotherapy since 2001. I have two young sons now.

I started babywearing with my first son when I needed to walk my dogs in terrain not suitable for strollers. When having my second son I knew that I won't need a stroller. We (my and my husband too) wear our boys in wraps only. Me also in tandem.

My mom and sister are also physiotherapists, they organize pernatal courses where I talk about babywearing and we practice.

In this year I'd like to finish a babywearing lector course. At this moment I'm ready to share all I know about child psychomotorical development and babywearing and I can help you with your first tyings.

tel. +420 775 022 328

e-mail: pavla@satkomanie.cz



Eva Hrdličková (Pardubice and surroundings)

Eva Hrdličková - wrap tying lecturer

I am a pediatric nurse, midwife, lactation consultant, baby-massage lecturer, prenatal course lecturer, babywearing lecturer and baby exercising instructor.

I work in hospital Pardubice in chiildren physiology department. Babywearing courses can be in our maternity hospital, or in Pardubice University, in maternity center Radovanek in Hermanove Mestci or in a sport club Sportlife. If you are interested I can provide individual consultancy. I have completed a babywearing lecturer course.



tel. +420 607 111 697

e-mail: eva@satkomanie.cz


Viktorie Sieczková (Brno, Moravská Třebová and surroundings)

Viktorie Sieczková - wrap tying lecturerI'm a mother of two sons - both were weared in wraps. I'm a physiotherapist. Nowadays I work as a quince, lactation consultant and a lector of exercise with babies. I offer individual and group courses of babywearing. 

I offer courses in Brno and surroundings and it is possible to arrange courses in surroundings of Moravska Trebova - Jevicko as well on weekends, where we usually stay every other weekend.


tel. +420 774 300 773

e-mail: viktorie@satkomanie.cz


Andrea Vodrážková (Jindřichův Hradec and surroundings)

Andrea Vodrážková - wrap tying lecturer

I graduated a lector course in February 2015, I weave wraps and I've been in babywearing for almost two years, and at last I am a mother of babyweared daughter and expecting another child soon.

I can help with carries for beginers, I can support you in babywearing, help you with choosing a wrap (I can lend you one for start), also I can help with the carry on the back.

Individual consultancy can be provided in Jindrichuv Hradec and surroundings, also on phone or email.


tel. +420 773 040 358

e-mail: andrea@satkomanie.cz


Jana Tomsová (Ústí nad Labem and surroundings)

Jana Tomosová - wrap tying lecturer

I'm Jana and I have an amazing daughter which I wear every day since maternity hospital and I can't imagine to live without baby wraps. Thanks to my husband who refused to use wraps we had many baby carriers at home but I still prefer baby wraps. I like to try new things so I have had plenty of different wraps.

I graduated the lector course for Exercise with kids in wraps from Anna Kohutova and the babywearing lector course from Anna Pohoralkova.

I offer basic and advanced babywearing courses in Usti nad Labem and surroundings.

Courses are individual - I come to your place; or group courses which take place in different maternity centers.


tel. +420 774 807 145

e-mail: jana@satkomanie.cz


Markéta Květoňová (Karlovy Vary and surroundings)

Markéta Květoňová - wrap tying lecturer

I'm a mom of three great kids who got me to babywearing. The desire to spread babywearing brought me to Anna Pohoralkova's course for babywearing lecturers. I also offer lactation support. I organize individual and group courses in your home.

The babywearing course can be taken within your pregnancy period as well with a baby doll of size and weight of a real newborn baby. I can also borrow you a wrap before you buy your own.


tel. +420 728 012 061

e-mail: marketa@satkomanie.cz


Andrea Dymáková (Kutna Hora and surroundings)

Andrea Dymáková - wrap tying lecturer

My name is Andrea, I have two amazing kids, I'm a lecturer of babywearing, baby massage and aromatherapy.

I provide individual and group courses. I love my job. I deeply believe in the benefits, comfort and magic of babywearing. I wish that all moms could experience the feelings I had when babywearing my son. I am glad to meet parents that greet me with smile and are proud that they learned it and enjoy babywearing their kids. And I'm glad I could erase their fear, prejudice, doubts... I love it.

I'd like to offer also lactation support from next year.


tel. +420 607 538 286

e-mail: andrea.d@satkomanie.cz