Terms and conditions of baby wraps rental

  • Rent prices can be found for each product.
  • Price is set for 10 days rental. If you want a shorter time period, contact us and we will arrange individual offer.
  • We require a refundable deposit of the wrap's price. The amount of deposit can be found in the wrap's description in the Wraps rental section.
  • Your wrap can be picked up personally or can be shipped to you by a carrier. The transportation fee will be added to the rental price.


Free rental:

  • If you like the wrap so much that you want to keep it, we will refund you the paid rental.
  • If you order in our e-shop another wrap within 14 days, we will refund you the paid rental.


Returning of rented wrap:

  1. NEVER WASH rented wraps! If you soil it, we will arrange a professional cleaning service ourselves. Unprofessional cleaning/washing can damage the wrap.
  2. If the wrap is damaged and cannot be repaired (ruptured, cut, drawings, etc.), we are not obligated to accept such return, and your refundable deposit will forfeit in our favor and the wrap will become your property.
  3. If the wrap has pulled threads for instance, you will be charged a fee according to the cost of repair.


If you wish to rent a wrap that we don't have in our offer, please contact us by phone or email.