About us

The ŠátkoMánie.cz store is provided by the company SatkoManie s.r.o.

Onwners and statutary organs: Monika Smětalová, Petr Smětala

Corporate ID: 03769933, VAT nr.: CZ03769933


The shop is focused on selling goods and providing services only related to babywearing.

We offer:


In our e-shop you can find only verified manufacturers that supply products we are satisfied with. 

Our goal is to support and propagate babywearing and give self-confidence to parents in their parenting skills and support attachment parenting as the most natural way of taking care of your baby.

You and Your child are unique and therefore you can expect an individual care from us.

Our team

Monika Smětalová
  • mother of two kids and an active babywearer
Michal a Natálka Smětalovi
  • testers of our product's quality :-)
Petr Smětala
  • if something on e-shop doesn't work, it's my fault ;-)


The most weared baby is Natalka, who is weared in wraps since she was born. Miška (= little Mouse = Michal) is weared less, because he loves to run whereever he wants.


We personally have only great experience with babywearing. Before we found babywearing Natalka was crying all the time, also slept only very little. A wrap immediatelly made completelly another child from her - she was happy, smiling and sleeping three times more. Since then it is a big help for us for sleeping, bad moods and diseases.