Which size to choose?

The size of wraps is determined in numbers which means the length of a wrap. The most universal size is number 6 (4,6 – 4,7 m), most people can wrap with this size. If you are small-sized then a shorter wrap is better, it is easier to wrap with them. You can choose the size of a wrap according to your size by the table below.

For beginners it is ideal to use the front wrap carry cross.




Type of carry
Size 2
(approx. 270 cm)
Size 3
(approx. 320 cm)
Size 4
(approx. 370 cm)
Size 5
(approx. 420 cm)
Size 6
(approx. 470 cm)
Size 7
(approx. 520 cm)
Size 8
(approx. 570 cm)
Cradle (Lying in front)LXLXLXLXLXLXL
Hip carry (Sideways)LXLXLXLXLXLXL
Rucksack (Backpack)LLXLXLXLXL
Hip cross carry (Sideways)SMLXLXLXL
Kangaroo carryMLLXLXL
Cross cradleSMLLXL
Cross carrySMLLXL
Double CrossSMLXL
Front wrap cross carrySMLXL
Wrap cross carry in frontSMLXL
Wrap cross carry on the back (Rucksack/Backpack)SMLXL

Ssize max 36
Msize max 42
Lsize max 50
XLsize max 56