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SONETT Sonett liquid washing gel Neutral 10L


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Sonett liquid washing gel Neutral - 10L

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Sonett liquid washing gel Neutral -10l

Neutral liquid detergent. Neutral line designed for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin. An excellent detergent at a very reasonable price, which is extremely friendly to you and the environment! Use on white and colored linen made of cotton, linen, hemp and mixed fabrics; 30-95 ° C. Also recommended for very hard water.

The first part of the three-part modular Sonett system.
(1. washing powder / gel, 2. water softener 3. bleaching powder for white laundry).
Dosage per 5 kg of laundry: (the top serves as a measuring cup)
soft water: 50-100ml
medium hard water: 100ml + 40ml water softener SONETT
hard water: 100ml + 60ml water softener SONETT

Although the dosage depends on the hardness of the water, almost most water mains in the Czech Republic supply medium-hard water. Exceptions are private wells.

Origin and properties of individual components:
SOAP, SUGAR TENSIONER AND COCONUT OIL DERIVATIVES are mutually reinforcing and complementary in this liquid detergent. In the production of SOAP, rapeseed oil from organic farming is saponified with the aid of potassium hydroxide by a special process without introducing heat from the outside. SOAP as an active detergent uniquely combines all the necessary properties of wetting the dirt, dissolving it and carrying it for the washing process. In this effect, the SOAP is amplified with SUGAR TENSIONER and COCONUT OIL DERIVATIVES, which are obtained from purely vegetable raw materials of sugar, starch and coconut fat by chemical transformations with the help of acids. At the same time, this combination eliminates the disadvantage of SOAP, which is the formation of calcium soap, which can settle on the laundry if the fabric softener is inaccurately dosed. ALCOHOL, which is obtained by fermentation of vegetable starches, serves to keep the detergent in a liquid state and thus allows a high concentration of active cleaning agent.

Special features of the product:
The special energy-saving method of saponification, the use of oils and essential oils from organic farming and a clearly favorable price-performance ratio for the liquid detergent are the outstanding features of this product.
At temperatures below 10-15 ° C, the product changes and thickens slightly and becomes cloudy; these changes during heat, resp. disappears again after gentle shaking.

Soap from vegetable oils has the peculiarity compared to all other cleaning substances that, immediately after use, it combines with calcium content always contained in the wastewater into calcium soap and thus neutralizes itself in its surface effect on aquatic organisms (primary degradation). Calcium soap is then 100% decomposed by microorganisms into carbon dioxide and water (secondary degradation). During the production process of SUGAR TENSENSES and COCONUT OIL DERIVATIVES, parts are obtained from the vegetable raw materials of starch, sugar and fat, which, however, remain fully preserved in their natural structure. Therefore, it is easy for microorganisms to fully degrade these surfactants. SOAP, SUGAR TENSIDES and COCONUT OIL DERIVATIVES are considered by the OECD to be readily biodegradable.

Packaging: The entire packaging is recyclable.

BIO soap from rapeseed oil (5 - 15%), sugar surfactant (5 - 15%), coconut oil derivatives (5 - 15%), vegetable alcohol - ethanol (1 - 5%), whirlpool water (up to 100%).


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SONETT Sonett liquid washing gel Neutral 10L

SONETT Sonett liquid washing gel Neutral 10L

Sonett liquid washing gel Neutral - 10L

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