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SONETT Olive washing gel for wool and silk SENSITIVE


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SONETT Olive washing gel for wool and silk SENSITIVE - 1l

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SONETT Olive washing gel for wool and silk SENSITIVE - 1l

Preparation for wool, silk and fine fibers for hand washing
also washing in the washing machine at lower temperatures up to 40 ° C. Brings colors to life and smoothes fibers. The special composition does not irritate even the most sensitive skin and skin prone to allergies.

for 4.5 kg of laundry. Hand wash: 15-30 ml per 5 l of water. Machine wash: Pour 60-90 ml of the product into the appropriate container. DO NOT POUR DIRECTLY ON DRY LAUNDRY.

Special features of the product
In this product, high-quality pressed olive oil is processed into soap, which has excellent cleaning, caring and subsequently lubricating effects on wool and silk fabrics. With the help of a sugar surfactant, a mild soap-based detergent is formed; this product is easy to use even in hard water and retains all its positive properties.

Origin and properties of individual components
OLIVE SOAP: the olive groves of the Mediterranean region of Italy, Spain and Greece come from which organic oil, such as pressing and centrifugation, is used to obtain organic quality olive oil. Saponified oil is a major component of Olive Wool and Silk Detergent. Olive oil is the best oil raw material for mild soap with a subsequent lubricating effect. Its balanced composition of fatty acids, its healing, harmonizing effect on the heart and blood circulation and the remarkable development of the olive tree in a seven-year rhythm show the special relationship of this oil to man. RAPE OIL SOAP: rapeseed oil saponified with potassium hydroxide serves to strengthen the cleaning ability. In addition to flax and sunflower, rapeseed is one of the few oilseeds grown in our temperate Central European climate to produce oil, also in organic quality. ETHANOL: obtained by fermentation of starchy plants such as corn and potatoes. Ethanol helps keep the soap liquid and at the same time improves the ability of the detergent to dissolve fats. SUGAR wetting agent: sugar, starch and coconut fat are the raw materials for obtaining the sugar surfactant used. The proportion of sugar surfactant is adapted in such a way to the soap content of the detergent composition as to serve to keep the calcium soap formed in the hard water in a fine dispersion and to prevent it from settling on the laundry.

Soap from vegetable oils has the excellent property that, immediately after use, it combines with the calcium, always contained in the waste water, to form a calcium soap. This neutralizes the active surface effect on living organisms (primary degradation) within a few hours. Calcium soap is then 100% degraded by microorganisms to carbon dioxide and water (secondary degradation). Ethanol can be mixed with water without restriction, and is therefore reintroduced into the natural cycle within a few hours. In the process of production of sugar wetting agents, parts are obtained from the vegetable raw materials of starch, sugar and fat, which, however, remain fully preserved in their natural structure. It is therefore easy for microorganisms to decompose these wetting agents quickly and completely.

Note: At temperatures below 10 ° C, the product changes and thickens slightly and becomes cloudy, which when hot, resp. disappears again after gentle shaking.

The entire packaging is recyclable

Principles of ecological drugstore SONETT
• The products are 100% degradable, in the order of hours to days they decompose completely into common natural ingredients in water.
• Sonett refuses to use ingredients that are harmful to the environment and human health.
• The raw materials used in the production come from bio-dynamic or organic farming or free collection
• The water used in the production is bio-dynamically rhythmized and mixtures of energetically strong herbs and the essence of precious stones and metals are added to Sonett products.
• Sonett is the only eco-drug manufacturer to hold two eco-certificates.

INCI composition: Aqua, potassium soap *, alkylpolyglucoside C8 – C16 (coco glucoside), alcohol, sodium / potassium citrate *

* certified organically grown


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SONETT Olive washing gel for wool and silk SENSITIVE

SONETT Olive washing gel for wool and silk SENSITIVE

SONETT Olive washing gel for wool and silk SENSITIVE - 1l

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