Fidella Fly Tai Mosaic - blue lagoon


Mosaic - blue lagoon - Fidella Fly Tai baby carrier made from 100% Bio-cotton. 

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Surface weight201 - 250 g/m2

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The Fidella Baby Carrier Fly Tai Mosaic - blue lagoon

The Mei-Tai baby carrier doesn't only adjust to the wearer but also individually to the size of the baby. To be carried in the New Size your child should have a size of 74 - 104 cm. This is approx. the case in the age of 3 months. The baby carrier can carry a weight of up to 15 kg. For the Fidella Fly Tai New Size- we use 100% organic cotton only which is produced with the denim weave and has a surface weight of 205 g/m².

The individual fitting for everyone with a clothing size between XS, 32 and XXL, 52 is made possible through the adjustable waist belt (from 57 to 190 cm) and the shoulder strings with a total weight of 200 cm. This way the wrap conversionallows for many different carry variations and completion options.

Due to the adjustable bridge of 11-45 cm and the modifiable back panel of 30-48 cm you can fit the Fly Tai to your baby's needs with ease. The attached hood can be used for sun protection or as a neck support.

Baby Size:

The back panel is adjustable, between 26 and 36 cm, on the left and right side of the carrier and should always be adjusted so that the carrier can be placed underneath both of the hollows of the knees. For more comfort the leg holes of the wrap conversion are padded. Furthermore the bridge is adjustable between 11 and 37 cm.

Toddler size:

Thanks to the modifiable back panel of 30-48 cm and the adjustable bridge of 11-45 cm it is possible to fit the this wrap conversion to suit your baby's size and therefor usable for the size 74-104 cm. The Fidella Fly Tai New Size can hold weights of up to15 kg.

The Fidella Fly Tai baby carrier can be used by all clothing sizes between XS, 32 and XXL, 52. Large and small persons alike can use the baby carrier without a problem.The shoulder strings (with a total length of 200 cm) of the baby carriercan be adjusted in length, therefor you can adjust the baby carrier individually and decide yourself on which height you want to carry your baby. The ideal carrying height is reached with the so called head-kiss-height. Furthermore it is possible to adjust the waist belt between 57 and 190 cm and fixed with a knot.

Special features of the Fidella Fly Tai baby carrier babysize:

  • Jacquard classic weaving
  • Holds weights of up to 15 kg
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Area density of 205 g per square meter
  • Useable from birth (Size of the baby 56-80 cm)
  • Adjustable back panel
  • Padded leg holes
  • Adjustable bridge (11-37 cm)
  • Fits all clothing sizes between XS, 32 and XXL, 52
  • Adjustable Shoulder strings (total length 200cm)
  • Adjustable waist belt (57-190 cm)

Advantages of the Fidella Fly Tai New Size:

  • Jacquard classic weaving
  • 100 % organic cotton
  • Area density of 205 g per square meter
  • Shoulder strings with a length of 200 cm and steplessly adjustable waist belt of 57-190 cm
  • Clothing sizes XS, 32 up to XXL, 52
  • Adjustable back panel of 30-48 cm
  • Modifiable bridge from 11-45 cm
  • Usable from a size of 74 cm up to 104 cm
  • For a body weight of up to 15 kg

Special features of the Toddler Size: 

  • 100% organic cotton
  • shoulder straps can be fanned out
  • padded leg cut-outs for a comfortable seating position
  • Jacquard weave - classic -
  • adjustable strap: 24 cm - 45 cm
  • adjustable back part: 33 cm- 48 cm
  • from body size 80 cm up to the end of baby wearing time
  • sizes XS - XXL

This carrier fulfills the US American safety standards ASTM F2236-14 and the European safety standards CEN/TR 16512-2015


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Fidella Fly Tai Mosaic - blue lagoon

Fidella Fly Tai Mosaic - blue lagoon

Mosaic - blue lagoon - Fidella Fly Tai baby carrier made from 100% Bio-cotton. 

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