NONOMO Swinging Hammock-Set Baby Classic with Stand - basic and drive MOVE 1.0


NONOMO® Swinging Hammock-Set Baby Classic with Stand - Basic and drive MOVE 1.0.

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NONOMO® Swinging Hammock-Set Baby Classic with Stand - Basic and drive MOVE 1.0

  • Suitable for baby from 3.5 kg
  • Loadable up to 15 kg
  • Incl. Stand -basic- (Handmade in Germany)
  • Special designed spring for swinging hammock (Made in Germany)
  • Ergonomically designed hammock bag made of 100% organic cotton (GOTS-zertifiziert)
  • Mattress filled with breathable synthetic fiber (DIN EN 16890:2017 certified)
  • Antibacterial wooden stick made of oak wood (PEFC-certified)
  • Washable

Enjoy your sleep! The NONOMO® Swinging Hammock with synthetic fibre mattress is light, handy, flexible and ready for immediate use.
The hammock bag is made of 100% organic cotton and, due to the lovingly selected details, becomes a sophisticated piece of bedroom furniture.
At the top, the baby hammock features a two-colour logo embroidery. The NONOMO® rivet gives the nest the finishing touch. Use the supplied spreader bar made of PEFC-certified oak wood to adjust the sleeping area (according to the preferences of your baby), depending on whether your baby would rather sleep tightly nestled, or demands more space. Then tie up the bands of the spreader bar with a simple double knot, and you're done!

The logo push buttons at the foot of the nest can be closed in no time at all with a little pressure, so that your child can doze away to wonderland in complete safety. The mattress pocket at the bottom of the hammock ensures that the washable mattress stay always in place and provides extra protection from dirt.

Enjoy your sleep! Wherever! The NONOMO® Swinging Hammock Stand can be assembled in a flash and is ready for use wherever you need it. The sturdy metal stand gives you enormous flexibility to choose your preferred spot - whether in the garden, in the bedroom or living room or on the terrace.

Once set on it, find a solid and level surface and assemble the stand - it only takes 10-15 minutes! Loosen the wing screw of the pre-assembled top section, turn the U-shaped tubes until their locking position and tight the wing screw again. Then just plug the stand bars into each other and connect the whole to the top section. To move from one room to another, simply loosen the wing screw until the stand can be folded up, and then open it up again at your destination, tighten the screw and you're done! Dismantling is just as quick. Disassembled parts can be stored in a very space-saving manner.

No additional tools are required for Assembly.


NONOMO® MOVE, the drive for the swinging hammock: gentle movements for a deep and restful sleep
Light swinging movements remind your baby of the wonderful time of security when it still was cuddling in mummy’s tummy. Instinctively, your baby connects the gentle movements of the hammock with safety, physical closeness and warmth. With our innovative hammock drive NONOMO® Move, you can give this unique feeling to your baby anywhere and anytime. The natural swinging movements send your darling into slumberland and give him sweet dreams. Especially for restless or overstimulated babies, the motor is a real help to fall asleep. And when your baby is relaxed, so are you! The handling of the motor is absolutely uncomplicated and of course absolutely safe. Our NONOMO® Move has been especially developed for our hammocks and convinces with numerous positive features. We will explain in the following which features these are

The NONOMO® Move introduces itself:
Our homes are getting more and more smarter. The various technical achievements make our everyday lives easier and life a little bit better. With the hammock drive Move, the brand NONOMO® turns smart. However, in a completely baby-friendly and loving way. The design and shape are based on the typical character of all NONOMO® products. And since we attach great importance to naturalness in all our products, the drive exclusively supports the natural movements of the spring. You can control the harmonious and calming movements “smartly”.

During the development of the NONOMO® Move, the issue of sustainability was also a high priority. For example, the motor in battery mode is designed to deliver its optimum performance with batteries made from recycled materials. In addition, we paid strict attention to the selection of suppliers and components to ensure that the working conditions on site correspond to the high level of our domestic living and working habits. The materials are characterised by the very highest quality and a very sophisticated finish. Of course, the use of sustainable raw materials was a priority at all times.

As with all NONOMO® products, our primary goal with the Move was and is to offer parents and children the highest possible benefit in combination with maximum comfort and exemplary safety. All components and functions have been meticulously thought through, designed and adapted to the needs of your baby. With the NONOMO® Move, you get another useful module from NONOMO® that makes parent-child time even more enjoyable.


  • TIMER FUNCTION - adjustable from 15 minutes to 4 Hours
  • WIRELESS & MOBILE - up to 12 hours battery life or use via mains plug
  • SOFT PULSE - different adjustable levels support natural movement



  • 1 Travel bag
  • 1 Baby hammock made of 100% organic cotton, unbleached
  • 1 Washable mattress - stuffed with synthetic fibre
  • 1 Proprietary spring developed exclusively for the NONOMO® Swinging Hammock (Made in Germany)
  • 1 Fabric cover for the proprietary spring
  • 1 Screw lock quick link
  • 1 Spreader bar made of  PEFC-certified oak woodwith 2 laces
  • 3 Snap hooks 5 mm

The hammock bag is machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius and must be ironed carefully. The mattress should be taken out of the mattress bag for washing and is also machine washable at 30°.

Caution: Do not tumble dry.

Our NONOMO® Move can be used with:

  • NONOMO® ceiling fixture with extension chain
  • NONOMO® stand - Basic
  • NONOMO® stand - Tipi
  • NONOMO® Door Frame Clamp

ATTENTION! Do not use with following fastening systems:

  • NONOMO® stand - Design-
  • NONOMO® stand - HUG
  • NONOMO® Wallmount - Suspension for Swinging Hammock


  • Age of the child: 0-2,5 years
  • Loadability: 0-15 kg
  • Fabric: 100% cotton (organic)
  • Length of spring (stretched): 47 cm
  • Length of spring (unstretched): 26 cm
  • Stuffing mattress: 100% Polyester
  • Height of stand: 194 cm
  • Lying surface: 85 cm x 30 cm
  • Size of wooden stick: 49 cm x 5 cm x 1,5 cm
  • Footprint of the stand: 112 cm x 112 cm
  • Shipping weight: 11,93 kg


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NONOMO Swinging Hammock-Set Baby Classic with Stand - basic and drive MOVE 1.0

NONOMO Swinging Hammock-Set Baby Classic with Stand - basic and drive MOVE 1.0

NONOMO® Swinging Hammock-Set Baby Classic with Stand - Basic and drive MOVE 1.0.

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