NONOMO Baby Hammock - for twins



NONOMO baby hammock for twins.

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Mattress filling :
  • 100% sheep wool
Length of spring (undilated) :
  • 26 cm
Length of spring (dilated) :
  • 47 cm
Length of mattress :
  • 85 cm x 30 cm
size of wooden stick :
  • 60cm x 9,2cm x 1,3cm
Colour :
  • nature
Care instructions :
  • Mattress: dry cleaning
  • Machine wash at 30 degrees
Age of the child :
  • 0-9months
load :
  • 0-15 kg
blend :
  • 100% cotton

Note: The unrefined cotton can shrink up to 10% at first wash.

The NONOMO Baby hammock for twins is finally available!

Especially parents of multiples value the swinging of hammocks.

One twin can enjoy being rocked and in good hands of the NONOMO hammock while the other twin claims full attention of mom or dad. 

It conveys being carried while mom is feeding, nursing or wrapping.

Though each twin has an own sleeping place the siblings can still sense one another. This reminds them of the time in the womb.

You can buy another or rather a second mounting bracket when your twins grow in order to have two separate hammocks. By this, you can use NONOMO hammock much longer than cribs, bassinets etc. which get to small for your babies with time.


  • Helps your babies to sleep
  • Lulls your suckling to sleep right away and lets it sleep through longer
  • Recommended by midwives and therapists
  • Supports the proper development of your babyies? spinal column
  • Alleviates colics
  • High sidewalls prevent overstimulation
  • Conveys the feeling of being back in the womb
  • 100% pure sheep's wool has a curative effect and prevents overheating
  • Max. load capacity : 15 kg
  • Free from harmful substances

Scope of delivery

  • 2x baby hammock out of 100% cotton, unbleached
  • 2x mattress, filled with pure sheep's wool, quilted thrice
  • Proprietary spring for the NONOMO® Baby Hammock, including cloth cover for the spring
  • 2x detachable Ring for washing
  • Spreader bar for twins
  • Snap hooks
  • 1 meter long chain for easy height adjustment
  • Safe eyebolt Ø 8 mm
  • Assembly instructions
  • 1x ceiling mount set

You need further ceiling mounting sets if you want to hang the hammock in different rooms (e.g. bed room, living room,kitchen?)

The shortest spring

The NONOMO® hammock has unique,short spring and a door clamp which are aligned to be used in door frames! This enables you to use the hammock WITH spring in the door frame. This is not possible with all hammocks.
Moreover, the spring has a cloth cover to avoid clamping of fingers. The cloth also enhances the hammock visually. 

Use the light and handy NONOMO® Stand to position the NONOMO® hammock wherever you want. It's especially recommended when you don't want to drill a hole into your ceiling.

Note: The unrefined cotton can shrink up to 10% at first wash.

Safety instructions:

  • Never use the spring without the safety rope. Always prove if the safety rope is connected to the spring safety hook above and below the spring and that the safety rope is not blocked at all.
  • Never expose the NONOMO®  Baby Hammock to open fire or direct heat, e.g. furnaces, heaters etc.
  • Never leave your child unattended in the NONOMO® Baby Hammock.
  • Hang the baby hammock approx. 30 cm above the floor up.
  • The NONOMO®  Baby Hammock is suitable for infants and toddlers up to 15 kg.
  • Keep assembly parts out of children's reach they can cause choking hazard. Before assembly, check parts for their proper condition.
  • Do not continue using NONOMO® Baby Hammock after noticing damage or irregularity!
  • A hammock is neither a toy nor a gymnastic apparatus!
  • Never leave children unattended near the NONOMO® Baby Hammock especially when a baby is in it!
  • The spring can cause some mechanical noises if circumstances like temperature or humidity change. Those noises are completely harmless according to the safety of the spring.


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NONOMO Baby Hammock - for twins

NONOMO Baby Hammock - for twins

NONOMO baby hammock for twins.

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