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Jožánek baby carrier for newborns, growing, for children up to 2 and more years, with binding shoulder straps.

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Ergonomic baby carrier with binding shoulder straps for children from birth to 2 years, sizes 56-92

For the youngest babies, we recommend a baby carrier with Aneta binding shoulder straps. Such a carrier is called a hybrid because the shoulder disorder is tied like a scarf, but the carrier has a lumbar shoulder, not a buckle, like a conventional stretcher. The stretcher with binding shoulder straps adapts best to the smallest babies, but at the same time you can easily tie them to a two-year-old toddler. They are amazingly versatile.

The Ergonomic, growing, wrap carrier Aneta is a so-called hybrid, or is also called a mei-tai carrier. The lumbar belt and backrest are like regular buckle carriers, but the shoulder straps are lashing.

- growing carrier for carrying children from birth to about 2 years - the possibility of placing shoulder straps anywhere under the knees of the child allows carrying even larger children, but the carrier  is no longer as comfortable with heavy children as the designated carrier 

- binding shoulder straps provide an amazing possibility of adaptation exactly to the baby and mother / father (or other carrying persons) - the child is beautifully supported in such a carrier as in a scarf for children

- tying is absolutely easy and fast - there is really nothing to worry about

- foot straps (shoulder strap protectors) are included in the package only for patterned carriers (owls, Indian eye, spirals) - saves your carrier from frequent washing, if the baby likes to suck on shoulder straps

- Possibility of wearing in front on the body and on the back

- all Aneta carriers are sewn from 100% cotton scarf - fabric strong in the longitudinal but flexible in the transverse direction, this material adapts best to the curves of the child, so it is the most comfortable, our scarf is made in the Czech Republic and tested for years of use, really lasts!

- Aneta carriers with a fine diamond pattern are made of medium-thick scarf (approx. 240gr / m2), it is stronger and less flexible

- Aneta carriers with other, more pronounced patterns (owls, Indian eye, spirals) are sewn from a thicker and super soft and flexible scarf (approx. 280gr / m2), which we also use for sewing scarves for children to wear

- of course there is a regulation of the height of the backrest

- regulation of the width of the carrier between the child's legs by means of a drawstring

- hood with the possibility of adjusting the width and length, in a rolled-up state it can serve as a head lock even for small babies, sliding fixation of the hood position on the shoulder straps

- buckle on the lumbar belt with safety lock and additional securing

- the carrier is certified for the safety of design and material in ITC Zlín, according to the European standard for the safety of soft carriers children EN13209-2: 2016

- It is tested for a weight of 15 kg

- universal, simple design for all occasions, our carriers are loved even by men!

We fell hopelessly in love with the versatility of this stretcher. You can safely carry a fresh newborn, as well as a two-year-old toddler, and the baby will still be in an ideal, ergonomic position.


Max. backrest height 43 cm
Max. width of the backrest at the bottom of the lumbar belt 34 cm
Max. width of the backrest shaped for the buttocks (approx. 20 cm above the lumbar belt) 41 cm

Material 100% cotton


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Jozanek newborn adjustable babycarrier Aneta - emerald

Jozanek newborn adjustable babycarrier Aneta - emerald

Jožánek baby carrier for newborns, growing, for children up to 2 and more years, with binding shoulder straps.

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