Jozanek newborn adjustable babycarrier Dan - brick red eye



Jožánek toddler baby carrier for children from 8 months to 3-4 years.

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DAN- toddler baby carrier for children from 8 months to 3-4 years

If your child is at least 8-10 months old and you are looking for a carrier that is designed specifically for larger, heavier children, then you can choose our toddler Dan immediately. Wide, heavily padded shoulder straps, ergonomically shaped like a backpack, and a large, wide and soft waist belt sows the best weight distribution for your baby. And you can carry children up to 3 years old on it even on long routes. This baby carrier is not complicated to set up, which has its limitations for smaller children, but if you are not looking for a baby carrier for a small child, the Dan baby carrier may be your first and last choice.

DAN is an ergonomic, growing, wrap carrier for children from about 8 months to 3 years.

- excels in its simplicity (unlike our ultra-growing carrier Jonáš NEW, which is suitable for children from 1 month of age, but it is at the cost of many different settings, which can be difficult especially for beginners)

- bibs (shoulder strap protectors) are part of the package - saves your carrier from frequent washing, if the baby likes to suck on shoulder straps

- Possibility of wearing in front on the body and on the back

- buckle carrier, so just put on and go, no binding

- all carriers of our brand Jožánek are sewn from 100% cotton wrap - fabric strong in the longitudinal but flexible in the transverse direction, this material adapts best to the curves of the child, so it is the most comfortable, our wrap is made in the Czech Republic and tested years of use, really will last!

- DAN carrier with a fine diamond pattern is made of medium-thick scarf (approx. 240gr / m2), it is stronger and less flexible

- DAN carriers with other, more pronounced patterns (owls, Indian eye, spirals) are sewn from a thicker and super soft and flexible scarf (approx. 280gr / m2), which we also use for sewing scarves for children to wear

- firmly sewing carrier with the possibility of pulling the width between the legs of two drawstrings - this unique way of regulation offers a surprising possibility of pulling

- of course there is a regulation of the height of the backrest

- hood with the possibility of adjusting the width and length, in a rolled-up state it can serve as a head lock even for small babies, sliding fixation of the hood position on the shoulder straps

- shoulder straps with double-sided length adjustment

- the possibility of crossing shoulder straps - for small mothers or those who have back problems

- "nursing" part of the shoulder straps - for a quick reduction of the child's height for breastfeeding, without the need to interfere with the adjustment of the shoulder straps

- lumbar belt padding - we do not use foam and the difference is known, no bruises or twisting of the belt

- the Dan carrier has a rather unusually large and distinctively shaped lumbar belt - it ideally distributes the weight of even heavy children, it does not cut

- buckle on the lumbar belt with safety lock and additional securing

- adjustable and sliding chest / back strap for secure securing of the shoulder straps and their easy movement, eg when changing from front to back within one walk

- the carrier is certified for the safety of design and material in ITC Zlín, according to the European standard for the safety of soft carriers children EN13209-2: 2016

- beyond the standard, the carrier is tested for a weight of 20 kg

- universal, simple design for all occasions, our carriers are loved even by men!


Max. backrest height 52 cm
Max. stretcher width (under the buttocks) 48 cm
Min. width of the stretcher after pulling the strings on the backrest 25 cm

Material: 100% cotton


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Jozanek newborn adjustable babycarrier Dan - brick red eye

Jozanek newborn adjustable babycarrier Dan - brick red eye

Jožánek toddler baby carrier for children from 8 months to 3-4 years.

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